Terms & conditions

Fabeo AB (corporate registration number 559373-5572), hereinafter referred to as “Fabeo”, is an auction company that provides an online auction service. Fabeo provides the online auction service to companies such as farmers and machinery dealers. Fabeos assignment is to sell the object from the Client/Seller to the highest bidding Buyer. Fabeo only provides the service to companies, not private individuals.

The Client/Seller

The Client/Seller are those who are selling their machines and other objects via Fabeo. Fabeo only provides the service to market and sell objects to companies. The Client is always to beregarded as the Seller as ownership remains with the Client/Seller until the ownership is transferred to the Buyer. Fabeo acts as an intermediary for other parties, and therefore has no responsibility for the sold object, as this responsibility rests with the Client/Seller.

The Buyer/Bidder

Fabeo only provides the auction service to bidders who have been registered and approved on [fabeo.se]. This means that Fabeo only provides the service to registered customers. In order to participate in a bidding, the Bidder must accept these general terms and conditions of purchase.

Fabeo has the right to suspend a Buyer/Bidder and the right to close the account of Buyer/Bidder, if the Buyer/Bidder violates these general terms and conditions or in any other way misusing their account. If Fabeo suspects that there is some form of crime in relation to a bidder, Fabeo may report this to the police.

Auction objects

All the auction objects that are mediated via Fabeo by the online auction service are sold in their existing condition. Before an object is put up for auction via Fabeo, one of Fabeo’s representatives interviews the Selling Client and takes pictures and, in some cases, films the object. The basis for the auction object consists of the description that Fabeo produces based on the Selling Client’s information as well as the photos and films. Fabeo does not inspect the auction objects. This means that the description of the objects only is based on the Selling Client’s information. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to read the object description and to study the pictures displayed at the auction service, and to carefully go through the available auction documentation. It should be noted that pictures and videos in some cases can be misleading. It should also be noted that there may be unknown or hidden errors in the objects. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to take into consideration these eventual hidden or unknown defects.

Buyers and Sellers are together responsible the change of ownership and re-registration of vehicles with the Swedish Transport Agency.

Fabeo does not make its own assessment of the condition or value of the sales object.


Fabeo only sells objects via so-called online auctions. At each object, there is a stated time for the start of the auction and the end of the auction. Bids can be submitted during this time, from the start until the end of the auction. In the event that bids are received at the time when the auction is originally to end, the auction continues, and the auction time is extended by a further
three (3) minutes until no more bids are received. The highest bid at the end of the auction is the winning bid.

After the auction has ended, Fabeo will contact the Seller and announce that the auction has ended and present the highest bid for the Client/Seller. Thereafter Fabeo will contact the Buyer, i.e. the bidder who has placed the highest bid at the end of the auction, by email. The Buyer will then receive additional information from Fabeo.

Fabeo disclaims all liability for direct and indirect damages or losses that the Buyer or Selling Client suffers due to technical errors, disruptions in communication, etc. during bidding. It is up to the Bidder to ensure that bids have been registered. Fabeo is not responsible for unregistered bids.


All bids placed on ongoing auctions on Fabeo are binding and cannot be revoked by the Bidder. At all auctions, there is a reservation price of the object, which means that the Selling Client has made a reservation because he does not have to sell the object unless the bidding reaches at least the reservation price. Bids submitted below the reservation price are binding if the bid is the highest at the end of the auction. Bids that are below the reservation price are binding for a period of three (3) days. During this time, Fabeo will contact the Buyer regarding whether the Seller has accepted the highest bid even if the reservation price is not reached.

Bidding can be done by manual bidding or by auto-bidding, whereby the system ensures that a new bid is placed up to a certain pre-determined level and with a certain pre-determined increase per bid by the Bidder.

An auction fee is always added to the winning bid that the Buyer is responsible for paying at the same time as the payment for the object won on Fabeo. The amount of the auction fee is
clearly displayed during the auction and will be added to the Buyer’s total cost for the auction object.

Reservation price

Reservation price is the lowest final price in advance that the Client/Seller has accepted. It is clearly established in every auction if the reservation price has been reached or not. It is Client/Seller who decides the reservation price for the auction object.


No guarantee is given on purchased objects.


There is always an auction fee that the Buyer is responsible for paying at the same time as the payment for the object won on Fabeo. The amount of the auction fee is depending on the object and the fee is clearly displayed during the auction.


The Buyer of the auction object will receive an invoice for the purchase price and the auction fee. The payment terms are seven (7) days. After the payment has been received by Fabeo, the Buyer will be informed about the details of where and when to pick up the auction object. All invoices include Swedish VAT, which is not included on the auction site in relation to the object. In all cases, this is clearly displayed in the information to current object during the auction.

Collection of auction object

When Fabeo has received the payment of the auction object from the Buyer, Fabeo will ensure that the Buyer and the Seller are informed of this. The Buyer will, after payment has been received for the auction object, notify the Buyer with the information about the location of the auction object. The Buyer will then also receive information on how he or she contacts the Seller to determine the time for the Buyer’s collection of the auction object.

It is the Buyer who is responsible for collecting the auction object unless otherwise is agreed between the Buyer and the Seller.

The Buyer has fifteen (15) days to pick up the item after the payment has been received by Fabeo, otherwise a fee will be added for every week started. The fee is SEK 1 000 per started week unless the Buyer and the Seller have agreed on a later pick-up time. If the Buyer and the Seller have agreed on a later pick-up time, a fee will be added if the item has not been picked up on this day based on the principles stated above.

In the event that the item is not picked up within 30 days from when the time Fabeo announced that the payment has been received, the Seller has the right to cancel the purchase and then has the right to sell the sale object to someone else.

If the Seller does not give the Buyer the opportunity to pick up the sale object within the above-mentioned deadline and the parties have not agreed otherwise, the Buyer has the right to demand fulfilment or cancel the purchase. In this case, the Buyer must make a claim for performance or cancellation directly to the Seller. If the Buyer can demonstrate that the conditions for cancellation are fulfilled, the Buyer is entitled to receive a refund of the auction fee that has been paid to Fabeo.

Any claims that the Buyer, Seller or Fabeo has towards another party due to cancellation must be presented directly to the responsible party.

The condition of the object

All the auction objects that are mediated via Fabeo through the online auction service are sold in their existing condition. Since it is used equipment that are sold via Fabeo, deficiencies and errors can occur. Fabeo takes no responsibility for the condition of the object.

The Buyer is hereby informed of the importance of examining and approving the condition of the object in relation to the description that was in the auction information when collect the object. If the Buyer hires an agent or other to pick up the object, the object is considered to be approved by the Buyer when the object leaves the place where the pick-up has taken place. The Seller is not responsible for errors or deficiencies that arise after collection or errors or deficiencies that the Buyer has not pointed out during collection.

In the event that the object has been sold via a so-called Yard Sale, the above must be applied in such a way that approval of the object must take place before it is picked up from the area for the yard sale.


In the event that the Buyer wishes to make any form of claim against the Seller or complain about the object, this must be done directly to the Seller. Fabeo is only an intermediary who ensures that items are mediated via auction and are therefore not be liable to the Buyer for the object. Fabeo can be helpful in answering questions but will not act as an agent for either party in the event of a dispute.

Error in auction documentation

Fabeo cannot be held responsible for any topographical errors on the auction site. Fabeo has the right to refrain form selling, ignore bids from certain bidders or decide whether bidding is to be performed again because of unclear points regarding to technical problems, typographical errors, or other reasons. In the event of technical problems or failure on the auction site that mean that correct bidding cannot be performed, Fabeo reserves the right to finally decide that the auction is to be stopped and repeated at a later time.